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This new interface has been created through the 6 month Innovation Pathway. It uses images from Leodis, managed by Leeds Library and Information Service, published on the Leeds Data Mill, the open data repository for the city.

The Innovation Pathway is a ground breaking collaboration between Leeds City Council and the Sustainable Development Lab. Tim Waters, a Geo-spatial developer and member of the Lab has worked globally to help organisations digitise their collections and improve access.

For this prototype Tim worked closely with the libraries team to re-imagine how the Leodis archive, which has over 60,000 images, can be used to share stories about the city. These collections of images will grow and develop and can be used by people to share the stories which are important to them.

We invite you to use this new interface. Tell us what you like about it and your suggestions of how we can continue to make it better. Please contact us at images@leeds.gov.uk


© Copyright. Many of the images on this site are under various copyrights. Please see the relevant page for the photo on Leodis.net for specifics.

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright, database rights and similar rights in all material published on this site are owned by Leeds Library and Information Service, Leeds City Council.

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Please contact the Library if you wish to purchase a copy of any photograph.