The Malvern Cinema at the junction of Beeston Road and Ashley Place

9th July 1964. View shows the front doors of the Malvern Cinema advertising some of the latest films: 'Nothing but the best', starring Alan Bates & Denholm Elliot in a comedy of murders released in 1964, the famous 'Zulu' again 1964 which starred Sir Stanley Baker and launched Sir Michael Caines acting career, and 'Hell Driver's', Britains answer to a road movie also starring Sir Stanley Baker, Sean Connery & Sid James. There is a special children's show on Saturday at 2.00pm. The cinema had opened on 23rd December 1912 with the film, "A Girl's Bravery" and closed on 28th August 1971 with two "Carry On" films, "Carry On Sergeant" and "Carry On Teacher". The premises were used for bingo for a while but were eventually demolished and replaced by housing.

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I remember the hill being much steeper than this- probably when going home back up it after sitting through 2 films. My favourite Malvern stories are from my Grandparents who talked of getting in for a few pence AND getting a stick of rock into the bargain, though the best was my Grandma and great aunt when they were young beauties. A young man was sitting nexto them and offered a paper bag he was rustling. They were really excited thinking it was chocolates, when he said "Na then our lass, does thi want some broken biscuits then" !
Stephen Birbeck