Burley Road no. 181, Burley Picture House, Wordsworth Street

2nd November 1959 View of Burley Picture House from Burley Road, with Wordsworth Street on the left and Roberts Place to the right. Kirkstall Road is at the bottom of Wordsworth Street. This cinema opened on 2nd August 1913 (the date is on the front, over the word Burley). It was owned by the Burley Picture House Co. Ltd. and was designed by F.W. Rhodes of Upper Wortley, Leeds. The manager of the cinema was Arthur Sutcliffe. There were seats for 161 patrons. The cinema closed on Saturday 28th February 1959, the last film shown being 'Passage Under the Sea', and it was subsequently demolished with the area now being a housing estate. On the right is part of Burley Liberal Club.

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myself and my husband spent many happy years there when we were young.we have now been married 50yrs.
pat temple (vickers)