Boar Lane nos. 8, 9

Undated, This early 1900s image shows Boar Lane the home of Leeds most stylish shops, including Mr Richard Boston & Sons, a great fruit, game and fish market used by those wishing to avoid the larger markets located opposite Holy Trinity Church. The store was described in Waddington's 1894 Guide to Leeds as providing fifty varieties of fish including Oysters, every bird imaginable, thirty six varieties of vegetables, one hundred sorts of fruit and '...a selection of luxuries too numerous to name and a business-like briskness in attention to the smallest order are within the customers reach'. The shop front displays fresh poultry while the staff stand gathered at the front. Above the shop sign a coat of arms and flags are displayed. Mr Richard Boston (1843-1908) was a member of Leeds Council for twelve years and an elected member for the Headingley Ward in 1891. As chairman of the planning and property committee he bought six new parks for Leeds and donated the statue of John Harrison to City Square as well as an item of art to the Leeds art gallery. Widely known through the north of England as a merchant he was a prominent Leeds citizen living at Croft House, Burley Road.

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Looking on Google Earth Street View, this could be what is now John T`s Bar/Restaurant ? Opposite Mcdonalds.
Ricky B