Civic Week, Guildford Street, Schofields

September 1928. Snowden Schofield began trading at number 1 Victoria Arcade on 4th May 1901 as a draper. During the next ten years he expanded his business into adjacent property, this included the historic Red Hall, which became the Kings Restaurant. In the following decades, other property including the Victoria Arcade had all been bought and the department store enlarged. In 1984 the store was sold and Schofields Shopping centre was built, opening in 1987. This was further developed as the Headrow Centre and is now the Core shopping centre. Schofields was on the corner of Guildford Street and the photograph shows the street decorated for Civic Week with garlands and bunting. A large banner with the words 'Welcome to Guildford Street' is visible. As part of the celebrations, competitions were held for the best decoration. Schofields won first prizes in three categories; Things to wear, Things to use and Best General Display for two or more windows.

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