Park Row, Bond Street, Marshall and Snelgrove

Undated. View shows the premises of Marshall and Snelgrove at the junction of Bond Street and Park Row. Founded in 1837, Marshall and Snelgrove sold a wide range of carpets, linoleum, soft furnishings and clothing. The building in view opened in 1870 with the upper storeys being added at a later date. The company later became part of the Debenhams Group with this building being replaced by Lloyds Bank in the 1970s.

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iused to work not far from here,in the 60s, on Commercial street, which is a continuation of Bond street. I used to go to the bank daily to bank the shop's previous days takings. The bank was situated on Park Row, just up the road from Marshal and Snelgroves. I often used to call in Marsall and Snelgroves. On my return to work my boss often asked 'have they moved the bank, you have been a long time'. I recall Marsall and Snelgroves as being akin to Harrods.
glenys abbott