Lewis's (Leeds) Ltd General View, Headrow

26th August 1947. Lewis's Department Store on the corner of the Headrow and Woodhouse Lane. 'Lewis's for household goods' poster isvisible. Lewis's was designed by architects Atkinson & Shaw and was opened on 17th September 1932, being one of the largest department stores in the North of England at the time. Lewis's closed in February 1991 when the company went into receivership, and the store was re-opened by Allders in 1996. The building is now a Sainsbury's supermarket.

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As a child we lived off Meanwood Road, every Saturday Mum and me walked into town along what was then Camp Road (Lovell Park Road). Lewis"s was the first stop, where we bought succulent ham cut fresh from the bone and cream cheese which was weighed into stiffened paper pots. This was my tea-time treat. The store became a magnet to Leeds children in December, the arrival of Santa with his entourage of elves and fairies dispensing sweets to the waiting crowd: the windows enticing all into a festive wonderland and the Grotto!! It was a seasonal masterpiece of fairy tales and fantasy, automated figures brought to life every childs imaginery dream of Christmas and Santa Claus. No other store could ever rival Lewis"s!
C Lovedale