Briggate, the west side, numbers 32-34

1867. View taken at the junction of Briggate (foreground) with Boar Lane. The Briggate shops include number 33, Charles Pullan, Shawl and Mantle Warehouse. Next door, at 34, is the hat manufacturer, Richard Bissington followed by Leonard Hicks, hosier at number 35. At the junction of Briggate and Boar Lane are the premises of John T. Beer on the left. Beer became famous for distributing volumes of his poetry to advertise his clothing business. All the buildings on the left side were demolished when Boar Lane was widened. In the centre background the spire of Holy Trinity Church, at the junction with Boar Lane and Trinity Street, is visible. Photograph by Wormald of Leeds.

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You can just see the spire of Holy Trinity church in the centre top of the photo.
Lee White