Whitelock's First City Luncheon Bar, postcard

Undated. Postcard showing the interior of Whitelock's Inn on Briggate. This popular public house was first licensed in 1716 under the name The Turk's Head. In 1880 it was bought by the Whitelock family, rebuilt and renamed, though the yard outside is still known as the Turk's Head Yard. At the time of the postcard it was being promoted as the 'First City Luncheon Bar'. It is still a popular spot for lunch today and is now a listed building and is renowned for its original interiors and décor.

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Can anyone explain as to why there is a 'wicker-work basket chair' in reversed position at the end of each table? Do they have some function other than denying access to and from the leather couches?
Graham A. Schofield