William the Fourth Inn, Briggate

c1902. Close up view of the front of the William IV Inn. This public house had formerly been the Elephant Inn in Elephant Yard but the name was changed to honour the King. There is a poster for the Empire Theatre on the front of the inn.

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The William IV Inn in William IV Yard was formerly the Elephant Inn in Elephant Yard. The landlord was William Blackburn,1775/6 - 1850. He was a brother of my great great great grandmother and was also a flock dealer. In 1830 he went bankrupt and had to give up the Elephant. The new landlord was James Kendall who changed the name to the William IV in honour of the new king. Blackburn managed to save the flock dealing business, however and prospered. At his death he owned several houses in Leeds including the one he lived in and was able to leave his widow and other relatives well provided for. Politically he seems to have inclined towards the Chartists; William Binns, a cloth manufacturer and prominent Leeds Chartist was an executor to his will.
A. J. Law.