Far Royds Road, no 2

12th July 1939. Shop on corner of Far Royds Road and Royds Lane. Adverts on wall for Cardinal Polish, Lyons Green Label Tea, Horniman's Pure Tea, Coleman's Mustard, Lifebouy Soap, Nugget Polish, Craven 'A' etc. To the right of picture, in the distance, can be seen Royd's Fisheries, with an advert for Guinness above. On the corner is a street lamp with a 30mph sign attatched.

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When I was an Apprentice at Geo Wimpey & Co Gelderd Rd 1965 I used to go to this Fish Shop for the lunches Fish 9d Chips 3d plus you always got a tip from the owner used to spend over £1 you might get 2/- plus my fiddle charged the men 1/- for Fish 5d Chips cos I was supposed to go to a different Fish Shop nobody knew . Across the Ring Road from this shop was another little shop which used to make hot sandwiches in what was then their Lounge a bigger queue in the Lounge than the shop every day Nov 08 .