Bentley Lane, no. 116

12th February 1952. Junction of Bentley Lane with Grove Lane, showing a pair of semi-detached houses, with the premises of E. Hawkshaw, newsagent, on the end. The shop has window displays on either side of the wooden door. The left-hand window has advertisements for Mansion Polish and Players Please. To the sides and below are Cherry Blossom, Brooke Bond, Girl, Pools Special, Practical Wireless, Tit-Bits, and Radio Times. A triangular sign for Players Please is above the door. To the right, along the low wall, are posters for the Yorkshire Evening News, Champion, and Home Companion. Beyond the semi-detached houses is a stone built terrace. There are two telegraph poles on Bentley Lane. To the left, the side of a one storey rendered building, a dustbin and large wooden gates. In front of the shop, a forecourt with posts, a pavement with grass verge and Grove Lane. Children in school uniform can be seen to either side of the picture.

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I found this site and picture quite by accident. I live in Canada now but was raised in Meanwood. This shop is where my brothers and sister and I used to go get our "sweeties". Nice to see the picture.