Poplar Street nos. 5 - 13, Poplar Road

16th December 1959 Through houses on Poplar Street, number 5 is on the left. The small shop on the right is number 13. In common with many corner shops a variety of goods are for sale, sweets, tobacco, ice-cream and groceries. Each house has a Yard area in front, low walls and stone gate-posts can be seen. On the right is Poplar Road, then Back Poplar Street to the rear of Poplar Street. The turret on the right is to the back of the catholic, Church of the Sacred Heart, which was on Burley Road.

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up the hill from this shop, on our school holidays we were able to look down into the classrooms and see the local catholic children still at school ,as their holidays were different to ours. More often than not the nuns were hitting some poor kid,and screaming at us to clear off,all the kids were scared to death of them,even out of school our catholic pals would run a mile,not to have to come into contact with them.
joyce Lee