Bateson Row nos. 2 - 6, Lloyd Street nos. 5 - 15

30th December 1959 Junction of Bateson Row and Lloyd Street. On the left the first house is number 6 Bateson Row, followed by 4 then 2. The corner shop is number 5 Lloyd Street, business of M. Johnson, grocer. Lloyd Street continues to the right, numbering from 7 - 15. This section of Lloyd Street has a split level pavement.

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Although 5 Bateson Row isn't shown on this site, presumably it was either opposite or just off the photograph. This was the home of my Great great grandfather, Samuel Johnson, who was living there in 1881 with his wife Martha and their 7 children. Sam was an iron-puddler, one of his sons was a cloth dresser and another ( my Great grandfather ) a skinner; the other five were all still at school.
Brenda Scott