Melville Road at the junction with Speedwell Mount nos. 65, 67, 69

1971 View of small brick built properties in Melville Road (foreground) seen from the junction with Speedwell Mount. They number, from left to right, 65 to 69, number 69 being a corner shop licensed to sell alcohol.

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In the late father owned this shop which traded as a general Grocers it was unlicensed at the time as three corner further along Melville road was an off licence ran by a man called George doughty.The shop was at the front of the building and the rear room was used as a storage area.with bedrooms upstairs ,he alo owned the property next door which we lived in this was also a through property as were all the other houses on this block unliked most of the surroundig houses which were back to back,s I also remember "Tony" the ice cream seller pushing his cart around the streets Also the Co-op milk man delivering milk using a horse and cart
j burrell