Lincoln Field Grove at the junction with Lincoln Field Row

18th August 1958, View of the corner shop, a grocers at no 43 Lincoln Field Row. The shopkeeper stands in the doorway. Advertisements for Lyons Tea, Brooke Bond Tea and Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish are displayed outside. Far right, part of Lincoln Field Mount can be glimpsed. The area was known as Newtown.

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My family lived at number 4 Lincoln Field Grove in the 50's until the houses were demolished circa 1960/61.I remember that you walked straight in from the front door into the room, and to the right was the Scullery (Kitchen).The cellar was accessed from the Scullery.We had two Bedrooms and a attic.We got bathed in front of the open fire in a tin bath.The toilet's were outside further up the street in a block of two. I can remember playing out in the street and sitting on the kerbside putting a stick into the black tar in the road and getting it on my clothes and then getting a ticking off from my Mother when i went home. I believe we were the last family left in the street to be rehoused. The Slater family owned the corner shop and lived at number 2.Their son Bernard and his wife Margaret lived at number 1 with their children Andrea and David. Bernard and Margaret took over the running of the shop when Bernard's father died. Margaret is stood in the doorway of the shop in the picture. Most of my family lived in the area of Newtown and i remember what a close knit community it was.We had nothing but we were happy.
Marilyn Teale