Kirkland Place from the junction with Galway Street

1st June 1964 View of a corner shop at the junction of Galway Street and Kirkland Place, numbered 1a Kirkland Place. Signs advertise products typical of the day, some of which are still available. There is one on the door advertising 'I Spy Books' avidly collected by children at the time. Far left on Kirkland Place is Kirkland Motors, then a sign for 'Firewood logs wholesale and retail' then George Horsfall Licensed Betting Office next to the shop.

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This was the sweet shop I used when walking to Bewerley Street School from Dewsbury Place. We would ask to see the penny tray where all the sweets cost a penny each, my favorite was the toffee 'Penny Arrow Bar'. We would also get the triangular orange ice 'Jubbly', tear along the top and squeeze the ice up, but squeeze too hard and it would shoot up and end up on the floor. We used to pay so much a week onto a firework club card then when bonfire night was close you cashed in your card for fireworks, yes they would sell us kids fireworks. I collected the 'I Spy Books'.
Garry Draper