Tonbridge Street nos. 6, 8, 8A, 8B, 10A

1st September 1960 To the left is the corner with Tonbridge Place. The building behind the corner shop is occupied by J. Clay and E. Maltby, panel beaters. The corner shop is number 10A Tonbridge Street, has the name Petty's in the window, selling toiletries, underwear and hosiery. Next 8B is Syd's Hairdressing, then 8A has R. & E. Howden with a tobacconists. Mrs Ada Arnold has a greengrocers shop at 8, on the right is the side of the Tonbridge public house at the corner with Back Blundell Street, this was number 6.

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Petty's also stocked what seemed to me at the time to be HUGE bottles of pop. They were quart bottles by Ben Shaw and Tizer. She stocked crisps,sweets, ice cream and lollies. Howdens had a fine selection of boiled sweets in jars. He was such a nice man, as was Syd where I had to sit on a board across the chair arms to have my hair cut. My grandparents lived in Bk Blundell St, just visible on the right of the photo. I lived in Warwick Place, about 200 yards away.
Mike Lee