Green Lane, looking south

18th May 1966. View of Green Lane looking south, showing the junctions with (from right) Hall Lane, Hawthorn Grove, Hawthorn Avenue, First Avenue and Second Avenue. A corner shop on the right (no. 21 Green Lane) displays an advertisement for Rhinds Radio and Television dealers of Tong Road on the wall. Three women are crossing the road, another is walking along the causeway on the right and a small boy is looking in the shop window. A tower block, probably Wortley Towers, is under construction in the background.

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In the 1940s the shop on the corner of Hall Lane was a bakeshop, my school mate Brian Mosley from Green Lane School lived there with his mother, on Saturday mornings there was a queue along Green Lane and up Hawthorn Grove, Brian was our goalkeeper and we would go round and nag his mother to let him get away to play in the game. Up Hawthorn Grove lived two more of my school mates Malcome Brown and Alan Bradley, in the end house past the lamp post lived Keith Mason, they had the fish shop on Carter Road. At the side of the letter box there was at one time a sand bin full of sand and gravel used in winter to stop the buses sliding at the Bruce Street bus stop, we played on that corner for hours at a time, we wated for the 60ft trailer with airoplane parts on it to stop at Hall Lane we would jump on the back and try to get the airoplane glass and any other bits that were handy. Across from the lamp on the other side of the road was a large gable end were we played cricket and kicked a football at it, the chap in the house at the botton of Hawthorn Grove was always shouting at us to get away and play some were else, in the house behinde the ladies crossing the road lived a very good looking lady Agnes Westcott, we gave the ball a kick into her garden just so we could go and ask for it back. Its nice to see this photo of were I spent my younger days, all these streets are gone now its a new beginning, a fresh start with lots of green space.
Don Smith