Third Avenue, from Green Lane

18th May 1966. View of Third Avenue looking from the junction with Green Lane. A corner shop at no. 13 Green Lane on the right sells fruit, vegetables, minerals, sweets, cigarettes and bread. Terraced houses numbered 2 to 14 Third Avenue follow on from this. This street was demolished in the early 1970s as part of a slum clearance programme.

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Just up the street from here there was a passage through to the next street 2nd Ave, it was very narrow, so narrow that we could touch each side we could use our hands and feet and get up the walls quite high, one lad got up there and couldnt get down somebody had to get a ladder to get him down, also we used to wait for one of the teachers Nellie Clegg and shout rude things at her, then run like hell through the passage up the street and round the back of the school.
Don Smith