Cliff Side Gardens

22nd September 1941 Cul-de-sac off Cliff Road. Air-raid damage, one house completely flattened. Behind, Woodhouse Ridge can be seen.

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The view in the photograph is from the East looking West at the end of the cul-de-sac. The destroyed house is No. 11 Cliff Side Gardens, which was subsequently rebuilt to its original appearance, matching the adjoining house that appears in the photo. A small kitchen extension to the side was added in the 1980's, and a narrow drive leads to a double garage at the back, and to a garden on the otherwise inaccessible corner lot which is attached to the property on the South (right of photo). The parkland of Woodhouse Ridge lies about 100M to the North, beyond two other gardens, and is accessed by a public footpath running behind the property on the West side. Also to the West, beyond the footpath, are the grounds of the City of Leeds School. As well as the semi-detached pair of houses shown in the photograph, Cliff Side Gardens also includes three terraces (two on the South side, one on the North side) of four houses each, of the same period and style though slightly narrower, making up fourteen houses - just enough for a single post-code: LS6 2HA - and a row of six attached garages also in the same brick. The appearance of the houses is much the same as in the photo, except for the prevalence of modern white UVPC window and doors frames, various other colours of doors, and one new (2002) roof in a different style of tile. My family has lived at No. 11 since 1998.
Dr H.C. Dyer