Static Water Supply, Woodhouse Square

26th November 1941. Creation of a water supply tank, brick perimeter walls have been erected, a concrete mixer on the left is pumping concrete into the base of the site. On the left, the domed building is Marlbeck House, premises of Marshall Thomas, clothing manufacturers, now apartments, this was number 1 Great George Street. The block of property to the right has been demolished, the inner ring road runs through here. Moving right, the block of buildings in view 2 to 7 Woodhouse Square are now the Swarthmore Education Centre. A statue of Sir Peter Fairbairn can just be seen in front of the first property. Peter Fairbairn had owned the Wellington Foundry, was preminent in local affairs, being mayor in 1858. He was host to Queen Victoria when she visited Leeds to open the Town Hall in 1858. He was then living at Woodsley House.

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I think this became the Penny Ha'penny Park on Clarendon Road sometime in the fifties. This bowl being the sunken central flower bed.
Mike Lee