Buslingthorpe Lane, number 83

6 October 1939 Image shows the junction with Stanley Road. Buslingthorpe Lane is on the left and the factory building is Charles F. Stead, leather manufacturers, who were located on Sheepscar Street. The shop premises belong to grocer, Mrs Edith Mary Briggs, and displays many signs and posters for goods. The Empire Theatre is advertised and also 'tiger' sauce, Mansion Polish, Pilot Matches, Union Castle Line Cruises, Lyons Tea, Craven 'A' Cigarettes and Andrews Liver Salt. The truck with ladders belonged to the Boro Bill Posting Company. Note the war-time markings on the kerb and lamp post used during the black-out.

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Mrs Briggs' shop eventually became the 'Corner Cafe', one of the first Indian cafes in Leeds. It had a small menu of excellent food, we used to go there a lot in the 70s and possibly later, it was far better than any other Asian cafe we've ever tried. The furnishings were basic but adequate, the staff very friendly.
Mary Fisher