North Street Recreation Ground, Bulb Display

May 1937. View shows a bulb display in the formal gardens at North Street Recreation Ground. Now known as Lovell Park, it occupies the former site of Smithfield Cattle Market which closed in 1886, and after landscaping opened as a public park in 1888. North Street can be seen in the background with the North Tavern visible towards the right. This image was digitised as part of the ‘Future Prospects of Urban Parks’ project, conducted by the University of Leeds in partnership with Leeds City Council, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (grant number: AH/N001788/1)

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This view was taken from about where the Park Attendant had his office. Two years after this photo he remonstrated with me for picking a bunch of Tulips for my mother. We lived across the road. Brunswich Place abutted from behind the office and the one that abutted behind the trees was Grafton Street. Over the main road was Thomas Green maker of Lawn mowers; but when we sneaked in during the war, we saw the wings of Spitfires moving along an assembly line. Just outside those centre gates was a drinking trough for horses.Even during WWII it still looked like that,it was a credit to those who maintained it.
margaret rose dickinson