Thwaite Mill Water Mill entrance

18th Nov 1999 View of Thwaite Mill watermill. The mill a family business run by the Horn family for over a hundred years closed in 1976. This followed a devastating flood that destroyed the Weir in 1975. In 1978 the Thwaite Mills Society was made to restore and preserve the site. It is now a museum.

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My wifes maiden name was PALMER.I have a marriage certificate dated November 9th 1856 of one of her ancestors,Thomas Palmer,Married to a Mary Charlesworth,In the Parish of ROTHWELL.Their Residence at the time was given asTHWAITE MILLS.His occupation is very difficult to read (---cman).Apart from that,Having looked at the site on here.I can't see any reference to housing in the immediate vacinity,Only to a few residents residing within the MILL area itself, to do with their employment.Can anybody enlighten me as to what he might have been doing there.(PLEASE).? 30-june-07.
jack mitchell