Nether Mills, 42 East Street

2nd March 1954. Interior view of Nether Mills, showing cogs and wheels of large machinery. The following quote is from the Discovering Leeds website, ( 'Leeds dam, which probably dates from the medieval period, powered Nether Mills at its northern end. By 1715 there were two fulling mills here, and by the end of the eighteenth century there were nine fulling stocks, five scribbling machines, cotton spinning frames and mills for grinding dyestuffs operated by five water wheels. The owner of Nether Mills was a Mr. Fearns, and the area downstream of the mills between Timble Beck and the river is still known as Fearn's Island.' There is a link to Discovering Leeds from the Leodis home page. The Leeds directory for 1947 lists Jas. Richardson & Co. Ltd., drysalters, at Nether Mills which is addressed as number 42 East Street. They are also listed in the 1955 directory. The 1947 & 1955 directories also shows A. Sloman & H. Smith at number 42 East Street, teazle merchants, growers, but their address is down as Fearn’s Island Mills, but would appear to be the same building.

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Does anyone know what this picture is portraying? There's not a lot to go on. One can see that if that hanging weight was pulled down, the sheet metal lid would lift. - - - But for what purpose? What could that ribbed revolving drum have been used for? It doesn't look as if it is any part of a manufacturing process. Could this image be showing part of machinery which is driving something else on the floor below, or in a room next door? Then there is the question:- What did they do at Nether Mill? Is there anyone out there who worked there, and could enlighten us all?
Graham A. Schofield