Clarendon Road, Claremont Villas, suffrage, suffragette, Leonora Cohen

27th August 1955. View shows south west side of Claremont Villas off Clarendon Road. The end of Back Claremont Villas can be seen. There is a motorbike in the foreground. No 2. Claremont Villas was home to suffragette Leonora Cohen from 1923-1936. Her blue plaque reads- 'Leading suffragette famous for smashing a showcase in the Jewel House at the Tower of London and for her hunger strike at Armley Goal in 1913. 1873-1978.' A note tied around the iron bar used to smash the case carried the message 'This is my protest against the Government's treachery to the working women of Great Britain'. In later life Leonora became the first woman president of the Yorkshire Federation of Trade Councils and the following year was appointed a magistrate, one of the first women appointed to the bench. She was a JP for 25 years and by the mid 1920s had been awarded an OBE for services to public life.

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