Melville Street nos. 1 - 7

24th August 1965 View looks along odd numbered back-to-back houses on Melville Street, towards Speedwell Street where part of an off licence can be seen on the left edge. Numbers on Melville Street run from 1 to 7 left to right with an outside toilet block seen on the right edge. The rest of the properties on the odd numbered side went through to Melville Row. Suffragette Mary Gawthorpe was born at 5 Melville Street in 1881. Her blue plaque reads- 'Mary Gawthorpe, socialist and suffragette. Born in Woodhouse she struggled to achieve financial independence as a school teacher. Inspired by Christabel Pankhurst, she was imprisoned in Holloway for her protests at the House of Commons and elsewhere. She was a Women's Social and Political Union organiser and sat on its national committee. 1881-1973

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Number 5 was the birthplace in 1881 of the noted women's suffrage campaigner Mary Gawthorpe. her autobiography Up Hill to Holloway (Penobscot, Maine, 1962) describes her childhood here and mentions the closets shown in the picture. Each was shared by two families: earth closets at first and later trough water closets. It's great to have a photo to connect with these details.
Paul Atkinson