Westfield Terrace

6th January 1905. Row of tall, three-storeyed Victorian terraced houses, with bay windows and cellars/scullery rooms beneath. Narrow cobbled road runs along the front of the houses. Opposite the houses can just be seen some gardens surrounded by iron fencing. Caption on original photo reads 'Westfield Terrace Chapeltown, sewerage operations'. No.7 Westfield Terrace was home to Frank Rutter the Director of the Leeds Art Gallery in 1912. Rutter was a member of the Leeds arts Club and the secretary of the Men's Political Union for Women's Enfranchisement. In June 1913 suffragette Lilian Lenton was granted a short release from jail as part of the 'Cat and Mouse Act' following her hunger strike at Armley Goal. She was taken to Rutter's home on Westfield Terrace and here a daring escape plan was put into action to whisk Lilian out of Leeds to avoid re-arrest. She escaped from the police watching the house by dressing as an errand boy and leaving in a Grocers Van. The Rutters claimed to have been away that day and did not get back until the evening when Lilian had gone. It was then rumoured in the press that Lilian had then caught a taxi to Harrogate and then onto Scarborough.

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