Headingley Cricket Ground

Undated. Home of Yorkshire County Cricket Club and world famous Test Match venue. View of a large audience in the pavillion and terraces surrounding the cricket pitch. None of the play can be seen. In November 1913, two suffragettes were arrested for attempted arson at Headingley Stadium, during the week of prime minister Herbert Asquith's visit. The 'Headingley Two', a dark haired woman of about twenty-five and her accomplice a 'girlish figure in green cap and sports jacket' appeared in court. Evidence used against them included postcards stating 'NO VOTE, NO SPORT, NO PEACE-FIRE, DESTRUCTION, DEVASTATION' and one addressed to Asquith himself: 'We are burning for votes for women

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When I lived on the Astons I could see Kirkstall ground lights on.
michael mcguinness