Education Board Offices and former School Board Offices, junction of Great George Street with Calverley Street

1966. View of the Education Department, formerly the School Board Offices, at the junction of Great George Street, left, and Calverley Street, foreground right. George Corson was the winner of a competition to design this and the Municipal Buildings. His original intention was that it should be one great building fronting Calverley Street but the two buildings were re-designed because of the opposition to the closure of Alexander Street, right edge. The building dates from 1876 and it was here that the new Leeds Board Schools, as a result of Forster's Education Act of 1870, were administered. A huge and lofty examination room for children and trainee teachers was a feature of the building. The Leeds Mercury in September 1881 stated that '...the poorest school-lad will know, that the head-quarters of his school are to be found in one of the finest buildings in the country.' The School Board was abolished in 1902 and the Education Committee of the Leeds Corporation took over the administration of the 160 schools. In 1871 Catherine Buckton became the secretary to the newly established Leeds Suffrage Society, going on in 1873 to be elected onto the Leeds School Board, she was the first woman in Leeds to hold elected public office. the first woman to hold elected public office when she was elected to the School Board. She

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If you look to the extreme left you see the start of the building that was the youth employment office in 1953. I went there for my first job at PRENTICE LTD, I finished up working in engineering until my retirement in 1998.
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