Static Water Supply, Woodhouse Square

26th November 1941. View of water tank under construction, looking to the south of the square, Swarthmore Education Centre can be seen. Founded by a quaker family, the institute moved initially to number 4 in 1919. Now occupies numbers 2 to 7. It is a non-profit making charity, over 2,000 people enroll annually for courses. To the right is the business of S.J. Bentley and Co, wholesale clothiers. No. 6 Woodhouse Square (now part of Swarthmore College) was home to wealthy philanthropist Ellen Heaton, her blue plaque reads - '(1816-94) Lived in 6 Woodhouse Square from 1859-94. She was an influential Pre-Raphaelite art patron and an active campaigner for women's rights, education, health, environmental issues and anti-vivisection. Her friend, the poet Christina Rossetti, stayed here'.

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'Am I correct in thinking that swarthmore education centre was/is in chorley lane? So,just to the right in this photo was marlbeck clothiers and lgi and mark altmans dance studio. I was a regular at marks and met my now wife of 55 years there on 11 march 1958 a Thursday evening dance lesson. We had good times learning to dance. Some other girls I remember are,caroline,and of course christine sitting across from me now.many others also come to mind,janet from belle isle,and teachers nanette,and well as dennis alt man. Email anyone from this time please. We now live in australia,Melbourne.
donald rhodes