Park Lane nos. 18 - 12

1928. View of Park Lane. To the left is number 18 Victoria Buildings, moving right is Taylors Typewriter Copying Office, Hindle, Son and Lewis, auctioneers and rent collectors are at number 14 and to the right William Richardson, furnishers and cabinet makers are at number 12. In 1903 no. 18 Park Lane became the original home to the Leeds Arts Club founded by A.R Orage and journalist Holbrook Johnson. The Leeds Arts Club was instrumental in introducing a lot of the Leeds suffragettes and suffragists to socialism and politics. Mary Gawthorpe, Isabella, Bessie and Emily Ford we all members and heard lectures and debates given by George Bernard Shaw. In 1905 Isabella Ford gave a talk at The Arts Club called 'Women and the State' urging women to reassert their public rights. The club remained actively sympathetic to the suffrage movement.

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